Kids Spry Tooth Gel- Strawberry Banana


Protect your child’s teeth with Kid’s Spry Tooth Gel with xylitol

Delicious all-natural gel for applications on the gums and teeth of infants and toddlers.  Kids love the naturally-sweet taste with xylitol.  Kid’s Spry Tooth Gel is designed specifically as a great tasting, enticingly-packaged option for toddlers and children who struggle with brushing.

Research into the effects of xylitol have led to the discovery that when applied to the teeth as the enamel matrix is begin formed, xylitol can significantly strengthen the structure of the tooth enamel.  Regular usage of Kid’s Spry Tooth Gel can have a dramatic effect on improving oral health while also giving kids the chance to learn healthy hygiene habits in a fun and tasty way.

Safety First

Safety is every parent’s first concern when it comes to our precious children.  Kid’s Spry Tooth Gel has been designed and formulated with safety in the forefront.  The tooth gel gently coats your child’s mouth with xylitol, and because it contains no artificial ingredients or fluoride, it is completely safe to swallow.

Easy To Use

To gain all of the benefits the Kid’s Spry Tooth Gel has to offer your child, simply apply a small amount of gel (pea-sized) to the toothbrush or teether then gently massage, or brush, his or her teeth and gums.  Repeat this process two to three times a day (morning, noon, and night), and your child will be on their way to better habits.

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