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MeLuna Classic
The firmness level Classic is medium soft and suitable for most women. MeLuna Classic is still soft and at the same time firm enough so that your menstrual cup can easily unfold after insertion. MeLuna Classic is perceived by our customers as very comfortable. Women involved in very active physical activities may prefer the Sport version. For some customers a too soft cup may become more easily dislodged or unsealed than a firmer cup. Cups come in clear and amethyst, if you have a preference please make note of that while checking out.

This firmness level of the Classic combines the requirements of a menstrual cup for good fit and ease of use: It is soft, easy to fold, and yet it has enough ‘spring’ to fully open easily.

MeLuna Shorty
The shape is slightly different from the standard MeLuna. The Shorty is 30% shorter and runs tapered to a point. Due to the short cone shape it pops open more strongly and seals a little more firmly. Removal may require a little more practice under certain circumstances.

We recommend the MeLuna Shorty for women whose cervix is positioned closer than average to the entrance of the vagina. Women who had a prolapsed uterus (uterine descent), may find the Shorty MeLuna to be a better option than standard cups. Sizing in regards to diameter is identical to standard cups.

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SHORTY CUPS: Please note that Shorty sizes have the same diameter as the corresponding standard sized cups but are 30% shorter in cup length. Please review the table on the MeLuna sizing page before making a decision in regards to size. Shorty cups in size small are very small. Please choose a Shorty cup of adequate volume when ordering Shorty cups.

All cups offered have been FDA cleared for sale in the US. Colored cups are made with medical grade colorants. All cups come with a free cleaning brush and storage bag.

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